Australia Post

Reimagining The Parcel Delivery Experience

A full service design project reimagining the future of parcel delivery in Australia. With research conducted throughout the entire eco system, an ideation workshop and several services concepts developed and road mapped.

Client: Auspost
Date: 09/2015
Responsibilities: Service Design, Research, Visual Design, Video Production

My Role On the Project

Brought onto the project as a visual designer, my primary role was communicating everything that we uncovered during research in a visual manner. I was responsible for developing any prototypes of service concepts and designing collateral to showcase our work during the project. Though my role was a visual designer, my impact reached further than what my role suggested. I was managing a team of clients during research in remote locations, conducting customer/staff/merchant/stakeholder interviews and developing service concepts.


From Sydney to Coober Pedy

Over 6 weeks of research I managed a small team of clients travelling across Australia. Together we conducted over 16 interviews across all stakeholders of the parcel delivery service. This included interviews with retail staff, delivery drivers, depot workers, customers and merchants.

Auspost-Themes 1
Auspost-Themes 2
Auspost-Themes 3
Auspost-Themes 4


We’re building a wall!

Insights from the research were synthesised in affinity maps to define research themes, stakeholder mindsets were developed and painpoints were uncovered. To communicate these insights effectively I mapped out the parcel delivery journey along a wall spanning 10 metres to develop a working blueprint. This was used as a tool throughout the research and synthesis phase to encourage communication and awareness of the issues being uncovered during the research. We collected all of the research assets and insights a long this wall and used it as the foundation of our showcase presentations to the large team of client stakeholders.

Service Blueprint

Communicating our research insights with a service blueprint

Though the wall was great for providing a platform for all the research to be accumulated on, it’s lifespan was short and was impossible to move. From here I worked on summarising the information and communicating the key insights of the wall on a printed Blueprint. This blueprint mapped three stakeholder mindset’s journey’s throughout the process whilst demonstrating different pinpoints along each journey. I included business insights to provide a business oriented perspective of the areas for improvement and referenced each painpoint to a booklet accompanying the blueprint for viewers to read more into. The blueprint went on to being the primary tool used in ideation workshops, board meetings and strategic exercises for Auspost over the years following.


Collaborating with the entire ecosystem to develop initial service concepts

After research and ideation, our team ran a 2 day ideation workshop with 40 client stakeholders, retail staff, customers, merchants and delivery drivers. Here, we presented our research, and ran a series of exercises to develop initial service concepts between small teams including each of the different stakeholders within the parcel delivery journey.


Realising the future of parcel delivery

Using the initial service concepts from our workshops, we synthesised and developed 20 service concepts, assessed each in terms of desirability, viability and feasibility and presented the benefits each concept would have amongst the eco system. We road mapped the concepts and showcased each concept in a series of printed and animated future journeys and A mural (seen below) outlining each of the concepts in depth.